Saturday, September 24 2022

With the opening of Hi Five Chicken, there will be two 24-hour fried chicken restaurants within a few blocks of each other on the west side of Coquitlam near the Burnaby border.

Fried chicken lovers in Coquitlam’s booming neighborhood of Burquitlam will soon have another fast food option.

Hi Five Chicken, a British Columbia-based franchise, announced via a sign that it will open a 24-hour restaurant in 565 Clarke Road, in Coquitlam, across from the Buquitlam SkyTrain station.

It will face KFC, which is located just up the road at 602 Clarke Rd., and Church’s Chicken at 555 North Rd, which, like Hi Five, offers chicken all day and night at its 24-hour location. .

These are three fried chicken restaurants a few blocks from one of the busiest streets in Coquitlam.

Meanwhile, there’s Ajuker Chicken, a Korean fried chicken offering, a few blocks further south at 4327 North Rd, Burnaby.

The Menu Hi Five Chicken features a range of fried and baked chicken options, including tenders and sandwiches, and portions can be fried or roasted, spiced or sweet and smoked.

Canadians love fried chicken

Canadians’ growing love of chicken hasn’t slowed down and it’s becoming increasingly evident in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector.

According Food in Canadaup to 75 pounds of chicken are consumed per capita each year in this country.

While KFC and Church’s have long dominated the Lower Mainland fried chicken market, new entrants such as Popeye’s Louisana Kitchen, which is opening a restaurant in Coquitlam after opening in PoCo, Mary Brown’s Chicken, also in PoCo and Port Moody, and Hi Five are relative newcomers.

According to its website, Hi Five Chicken started in 2016.

“From its first location in Vancouver to now four stores in and around the city, the business has come a long way and continues to grow,” the website says.

Real estate requires high exposure

The new location next door pizza factory is in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Burquitlam, where a number of towers, six-story condos, and rental properties are under construction.

Formerly the location of Star Kareoke, the store is currently being renovated for Hi Five Chicken.

Hi Five is looking for franchisees and is quick to clarify what they need for a successful restaurant.

When looking for a real estate locationHi Five is looking for locations along busy hallways that can sustain a 24 hour business.


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