Sunday, December 4 2022


The hungry Maricopans of a chicken restaurant shouldn’t lose confidence. Tom Barnett certainly didn’t.

Barnett, owner of the current Burger King in town and the one under construction on the Maricopa-Casa Grande highway, is still actively seeking to bring a Slim Chickens franchise to town.

“We’ve looked all over there, and we just haven’t found the right thing yet,” Barnett said. “Of all the places I look, Maricopa will be the cheapest by far.”

Barnett describes Slim Chickens as a competitor to Chick-Fil-A. He signed an agreement to bring up to 32 of the chicken-focused restaurants to Arizona, to accompany the 53 Burger Kings he already operates statewide.

Barnett has identified Maricopa as an ideal future market for lean chickens and is confident the concept will be successful once it finds the right location.

“The Slim Chickens at Maricopa is going to be the biggest restaurant we’ve ever opened,” he said. “If we open four or five next year, Maricopa will have the most sales by a mile.”



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