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Published on January 19, 2022 at 7:48 am

One of the most popular and controversial chicken restaurants is coming to Mississauga.

If you love chicken, waffle fries, cookies and their sauces, you’re in luck because Square One in Mississauga is about to get a Chick-fil-A!

According to the Chick-fil-A site, it seems that the American fast food chain will soon be settling in the Square One Shopping Centre.

Where will they be located in Square One?

Perhaps the recently closed Aroma Espresso bar would be a good location as it has an exterior entrance and is near the transit terminal.

The hugely popular and also hugely controversial American fast food chain Chick-fil-A announced in 2019 that it would be opening a bunch of restaurants in the GTA and here we are.

The Atlanta-based company said it plans to open at least 15 restaurants in the GTA over the next five years.

But while the news is exciting for some foodies, others aren’t so excited.

Chick-fil-A has been embroiled in great controversy after news broke that operators supported a number of anti-LGBT organizations. says Chick-fil-A donated to a number of organizations known to be hostile to the LGBT community, including the National Christian Foundation, Exodus International and the Family Research Council.

Following the outcry, the company’s COO Dan Cathy issued a declaration claiming that the company has “no agenda against anyone”.

According to the fast-food giant – Chick-fil-A already operates more than 2,300 restaurants in the United States – these will be the company’s first franchise-owned restaurants outside the United States.

“The company is committed to building long-standing partnerships with local vendors and finding the perfect neighborhoods in which to expand,” the statement read.

This fast food joint is popular for its chicken sandwiches. According to Chick-fil-A, its chicken will be Canadian sourced, 100% whole breast meat, with no fillers, hormones or additives.

If you’re wondering what else is on the menu, you can expect cookies, lemonade, salads, fruit, waffle fries, and even breakfast sandwiches.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about its location at Square One and when it will open!

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