Saturday, October 1 2022

A popular fast-food chain is offering $1 million in free gas cards to its customers to help them cope with high gas prices across the country.

Bojangles, a chain of fried chicken restaurants popular across the South, is offering customers who purchase a family meal a $10 gas gift card to offset record fuel costs.

“Let us fuel your day, in more ways than one,” Bojangles said in an announcement posted to his official Twitter account. “We’re giving away $1 million in gas cards with select family meal purchases. Come for a $10 gas card with your next purchase of a 12 or 20 piece Fried Chicken Family Meal, while supplies last.

The company also released a statement on its website announcing the move.

“Bojangles, the legendary Southern food chain known for its chicken, cookies and tea, is offering $1 million in free gas to help customers offset the rising cost of refueling their tanks,” said writes the company. “From today while supplies last, every purchase of a Bojangles Family Meal – featuring 12 or 20 pieces of bone-in chicken, plus homemade biscuits, a choice of homemade fixins and legendary iced tea ® – will come with a $10 gas gift card.

“Southerners are known to be friendly neighbors, so as a Southern brand, it’s in our DNA to want to help our customers who are feeling the pain of soaring gas prices,” said Jackie Woodward, Director of Brand and Marketing, Bojangles, in the press release. “We don’t want anyone having to choose between enjoying a delicious family meal or buying gas, so let Bojangles help you with both.”

“Gas prices reached their highest levels on record in March 2022,” the company wrote, citing data from AAA. “As a forward-thinking family chain known for providing great food and exceptional value, Bojangles saw an opportunity to rally and help thousands of customers during the gas crisis.”

“This is the first time in Bojangles history that we’ve donated $1 million, but we know our customers are worth it, and we’re just glad we were able to come together with all of our franchisees to support them. “, says Woodward. “$10 gas cards are available while supplies last on all bone-in chicken family meals of 12 or 20 pieces purchased in-store, at the drive-thru or with pre-order using of the Bojangles app.”

Gasoline prices hit record highs in early March, as reported by The Daily Wire. AAA set an all-time high on March 11. Gasoline prices soared to a national average of $4.331 a gallon, breaking previous records. According to AAA, the national average currently stands at $4.189 per gallon. In California, the statewide average is $5.854 per gallon.

The idea of ​​giving consumers gas cards has also been considered by government officials. The White House briefly considered giving gas cards to consumers, but the idea was mocked by conservatives and rejected by policymakers. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resurrected the idea of ​​discount cards at a news conference last week, amid renewed calls to suspend the federal gas tax.

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