Saturday, July 2 2022

A fast-food restaurant chain arranges for its employees to head to the kitchen, not to grab chicken thighs, but to fry them to serve customers after a labor shortage across the board. industry. A report from Bloomberg said that Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, headquartered in the state of Louisiana, has more than 500 restaurants in the United States and is famous for its chicken dishes, will soon send half of its workforce in stores across the country. They will help stores fry and serve meals.

Raising Cane’s plans to hire 10,000 workers over the next few months, but by then employees are expected to work in restaurant kitchens. Company staff will also work on recruiting at restaurants, according to reports.

A report with Business Insider also said nearly 200 people from the chain’s Dallas office would be visiting restaurants. Apart from them, 250 members of its “field team”, made up of marketing and training staff, will also do the same and senior vice-presidents were among the staff who held the position in the restaurants.

Co-CEO AJ Kumaran said, “It’s no secret that today’s hiring market is a challenge, and ahead of our massive growth next year, it’s critical to have the support we need. We are all in there.”

Raising Cane’s has a total workforce of 40,000 and the food chain is expected to further expand and diversify in the years to come.

Amid the pandemic that has raged for the past year and continues to impact lives and livelihoods, industries in the United States are suffering from a labor shortage, be it in nursing homes or trucking companies, even after 18 months in which fear of contracting the virus and unemployment benefits and lack of child care have often caused workers to quit hourly jobs in America .

But the shortage of ready-to-work people in stores, grocery stores and warehouses is even more severe, according to a Financial Times article.

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