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A hidden gem in the North Quarter has launched a unique bottomless brunch menu featuring bagels, croissants and ‘silly’ cocktails.

If you walk down Oldham Street and make your way through the foliage and shrubs of The Bud and Pot, you’ll find yourself in Lost cat, a somewhat secluded cocktail bar right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the North Quarter.

Lost Cat only opened in May this year, but has had a huge impact on the region with its unique approach to ‘serious beers and silly cocktails’.

The best group in Manchester

And now, to further cement their NQ heritage, they’ve unveiled the very thing every bar in the region longs for; a bottomless brunch menu.

Okay, it has to be said that every NQ bar owner and their dog has their own take on the boozy breakfast-breakfast hybrid these days, but the Lost Cat has jumped on a whole new trend; alternative pastries and alcoholic drinks.

Instead of your typical English outfit, Lost Cat offers a unique menu of breakfast pastries with a twist, like the Bacon Lux; smoked bacon, scrambled egg, melted cheese and sriracha mayo, all on a freshly baked mini croissant.

The best group in Manchester

There is also the Salmon lux, that comes with smoked salmon, lemon crème fraîche, scrambled eggs, crispy dill and capers.

On the menu, guests will also find the French toast with fried chicken, a tender fried chicken seasoned with pieces of bacon, whipped butter and hot honey, all served on a slice of thick white bread. Beautiful.

And, for the most part you’ve come here for in the first place, the Lost Cat drink menu doesn’t disappoint, with an unlimited supply of options. Mimosas, a pint of Homemade lager, a “Yuppue stockbroker” composed of vanilla vodka, passion, lemon and fizz sorbet, and the ‘Italian thug ‘ cocktail composed of gin, watermelon syrup, Campari, vermouth and soda.

The best group in Manchester

there is also the classic Bloody mary, a ‘Tito Flores drink made from fizz and gin with flavors of cucumber, elderflower and citrus, and, finally, a Garibaldi – Campari and JO.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And, best of all, Lost Cat’s Bottomless Brunch is available. Every day of the week and only costs £ 25 per person. Absolute affair.

They only accept walk-in tours, so be sure to get on the ground on your next visit to the area. Follow Lost Cat on Instagram for news and updates.



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