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No offense to White Castle, which was the first fast food restaurant chain to add the Impossible Burger nationwide, but Burger King’s desire to co-brand Impossible Foods’ veggie meat for their Impossible Whopper really has solidified the status of Impossible. (According to QSR Magazine, Burger King is the sixth largest fast food chain in the United States, while White Castle is the 49th.)

So, last month, when Impossible Foods announced its latest product, Impossible Chicken Nuggets Made from Plants, the launch arrived with a few notable restaurant names: Fuku, Red Rooster, and Joyland, as well as smaller chains like Fatburger, Gott’s. Roadside and Dog Haus. , would all have added these herbal nuggets. But once again, Impossible turns to Burger King to bring their take on faux-chicken to the masses.

A Burger King restaurant seen in Milton, PA

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Today, Burger King announced that it will be “the world’s first fast food brand” to test these new plant-based nuggets. (That’s not to say these nuggets are experimental; they’re already available in grocery stores.) Specifically, Burger King will be serving orders of eight pieces of Impossible Nuggets for a limited time starting October 11 at locations in Des Monks, Iowa; Boston, Massachusetts; and Miami, Florida.

Each order will be sold with the sauce of the customer’s choice. And BK mentions that while the nuggets are made from plants, they are cooked in the same oil as meat and cheese products. (This is probably a precautionary warning to avoid issues with vegan diners who weren’t thrilled with their Impossible burgers sharing grills with beef.)

“This isn’t the first time we’ve teamed up with Impossible to make waves in the industry,” said Ellie Doty, Marketing Director for Burger King North America. “So it is only fitting that we are the first world QSR to test the Impossible Nuggets. We’re excited to hear what our guests in test markets think about this latest innovation. “

But wait a second: Burger King also slipped some potentially more exciting news into this announcement. For anyone who prefers their old-fashioned chicken (from a bird), BK says they’re also adding a new, limited-time nugget to the menu: Spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets, which the channel says , are “started with fiery ghost pepper” for extra warmth.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets

Burger King Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets

Courtesy of Burger King

Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets can be ordered today through the BK app if you are a member of Royal Perks. Everyone else will have to wait until October 11 to see if these new nuggets are as spicy as their name suggests.

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