Saturday, July 2 2022

Taco Bell has let us down lately with the devastating loss of iconic menu items (looking at you, Quesarito). But as if that weren’t enough, we alarmingly realized that the crispy chicken tortilla we were promised would arrive in early 2020, apparently MIA on the menus.

Fear not, folks: Del Taco just launched its own fried chicken innovations to fill that missing hole in our hearts. From Thursday, July 30 across the country, the fast food chain tostada slinging presents crispy chicken tacos, a crispy chicken and guac burrito, and one crispy chicken & fries box.

While this isn’t Del Taco’s first foray into fried chicken (you may or may not remember the Big Crispy Chicken Taco, which launched a decade ago), but this time we get a whole menu. The $ 1 taco features a chicken strip, grated cheese and lettuce with a drizzle of creamy ranch sauce or creamy habanero sauce wrapped in a hot flour tortilla while the “epic” chicken and guac burrito includes the same fried chicken but with fresh romaine, iceberg lettuce, guacamole, diced tomatoes, tortilla strips and creamy avocado Caesar dressing in an oversized tortilla for just $ 5.

If you want to go the classic route, Del Taco also serves a classic box of chicken and fries for $ 4 that includes three strips of fried chicken served on top of cut into folds. You also have a whole range of dipping options with your choice of creamy habanero, ranch, chipotle or Caesar.

I’m still planning on launching an official investigation into Taco Bell’s missing crispy tortilla chicken, but until then we have the all-new Del Taco line.

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Megan Schaltegger is a writer at Thrillist.


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