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Chick-fil-A will open a new restaurant at 40-27 82nd Street on February 24 (Provided by Chick-fil-A)

February 18, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

Chick-fil-A, the fast food chain best known for its chicken sandwiches, is coming to 82nd Street in Elmhurst.

The company will be opening a new restaurant, located at 40-27 82nd St., on February 24, and customers will have the chance to sample its chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps and waffle fries.

The new restaurant will be open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Initially, the restaurant will only be open for take-out and delivery. Customers can order through the Chick-fil-A mobile app for pickups and can use third-party apps for door-to-door orders.

The restaurant has yet to announce when it will offer indoor dining.

The new joint will be the company’s first stand-alone restaurant in Queens. Chick-fil-A operates a space inside the Queens Center that is part of the mall’s food court.

The restaurant will be operated by franchise owner Aman Mekonen, an Ethiopian immigrant who previously worked with UBS, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Mekonen currently lives in Flushing with his wife and son.

Mekonen said he looks forward to serving delicious food in the various neighborhoods of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

“I want my restaurant to be a place where everyone feels welcomed, respected and honored,” said Mekonen.

Chick-fil-A said the company only uses high-quality ingredients in its food and its chickens are not fed antibiotics. Its salads are made from freshly chopped and prepared whole fruits and vegetables, the company said.

Mekonen said he was also excited to hire dozens of new employees at the restaurant where they will work flexible hours with competitive wages and benefits. He said they will also receive hands-on training and mentorship.

To mark the new opening, the company will be offering one free Chick-fil-A meal per week for one year to 100 residents who have made an impact in Queens.

In addition, the company will donate $ 25,000 to the nonprofit Feeding America which fights hunger. It is company policy to make such a donation each time it opens a new store.

Inside the new Chick-fil-A, at 40-27 82nd Street (Provided by Chick-fil-A)



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