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Red Rooster is often overlooked in Australia’s high-stakes fast food rivalry. We put his menu to the test with a surprising result.

This one is for all the middle kids who have made it. Those who received the second-hand clothes while the younger ones received fresh stuff.

Those who were never big enough to score a try against their older siblings in backyard football.

Those who flew under the radar until they found surprising success. It’s for Red Rooster.

The middle child of Australian fast food. After years in the shadow of McDonald’s, KFC and Hungry Jacks, this chain of chicken restaurants is making a comeback.

It’s not as glitzy or glamorous as a Guzman Y Gomez or a Grill’d. But Red Rooster is there, and it slams.

The chain best known for its roast chicken and fries has quietly updated its burgers, wraps and buns — and it’s for the better.

Gone are the days of a weirdly breaded chicken patty type scenario. These were replaced with deep fried chicken. Pulled roast chicken classics remain on the menu.

If you’re feeling wild, sharp, on the edge, they’ve added a nice spicy burger and for those with a weird sickly sweet tooth while eating savory dishes, there’s a barbecue chicken burger type setup.

I was surprised to snack on the chicken quality Hellfire Tender Burger (previously called the “spicy good burger”). The lovely soft bun and a spicy sauce that really kicks it.

I generally avoid anything BBQ based as I think the sauces are way too sweet for my delicate palate, but again I was impressed with the BBQ Bacon Tender Burger. The salted bacon and seasoning cuts the 103g of sugar in the burger to make it easy to swallow.

Red Rooster rotisserie classics like the Rooster Roll and Roast Chicken Roll offer an option you could think is healthier than other fast food outlets. In my experience these were fresh, well seasoned with a dill and pickle type mayonnaise.

So next time you feel like it, don’t be afraid to stop by the giant red rooster sign and enjoy some of this Aussie icon’s wares.
(Note: I am not a middle child.)

Red Rooster rolls, wraps and burgers are rated

1. Hellfire Tender Burger – delicious fried chicken tossed in a tangy sauce that gives it a little kick. I would absolutely order again.

2. Reds Tender Burger – a classic of the chicken burger genre.

3. Flava Tender Wrap – it tastes healthy while being pleasant. I don’t know if he’s actually healthy – sorry, I’m not a doctor.

4. Roast chicken roll – just like your mother used to make.

5. BBQ Bacon Tender Burger – if you like those sweet BBQ sauces, this is probably your first choice.

6. Rippa Tender Roll – Not sure why, but this one just didn’t hit the mark.

7. Bacon & Cheese Rippa Tender – kind of like the BBQ burger, if you lather up this type of sauce you’ll be happy with it.

8. Rooster Roll – the humble roll is a little plain Jane for me but plays a solid role in the dynamics of roast chicken takeout.


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