Saturday, October 1 2022

The quality of food delivery is a major concern for fast food chains. As takeout and delivery become our preferred modes of dining, customers expect the same level of freshness they would get if they were seated at a table in a restaurant.

For fast food chains, which are known and loved for their crunchy foods, avoiding mushyness is a particularly difficult task. Some chains have taken measures such as upgrading food packaging. Some have modified the food itself, such as Wendy’s, which has upgraded its fries to retain heat and crispiness throughout the delivery process.

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But a chain of sandwiches seems to be incredibly successful in this area. According to survey data collected by Technomic and reported by catering company, customers say the quality of Arby’s food is better when it’s delivered than when it’s served at the chain’s locations. This is a remarkable achievement for a brand that sells sandwiches, fries and fried chicken dishes.

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Arby’s COO John Kelly said catering company the channel’s goal is to meet these changing customer expectations. “I think consumers are starting to say, ‘Hey, I’ve had enough of this,'” he said, referring to foods that don’t travel well.

In order to maximize the quality of food delivered, Arby’s has implemented several measures. These include placing fewer items in delivery bags to make room for a tamper evident sticker and separating hot and cold items.

To ensure freshness, the sandwiches are made to order and to ensure delivery slip accuracy, the chain has designated an area at the back of the house for delivery slip assembly only.

Additionally, Arby’s has adopted new technology and second production lines in its restaurants to accommodate the increased volume of delivery orders. Currently, 35-40% of Arby’s locations have a dual production setup, with the chain planning to expand this feature, according to Kelly.


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