Saturday, October 1 2022

We don’t even know what that was referring to specifically, another culture war gas bomb thrown into the Twitterverse by outrage freshman GOP transshipment officer Rep. Lauren Boebert this weekend because, well, it was Saturday:

Like our readers and all those who want search on google to find out knows, there is a glitch with Boebert condemning anyone on this planet for sexual “grooming” behavior. It’s actually not a small problem, actually it’s a very big problem, consecutively if not physically. And for some reason, yesterday’s random outburst from Boebert prompted an unusually high-profile clapback reminding Boebert of the nature of his problem:

In response to Boebert’s Tweet decrying the “far left’s grooming bullshit”, Boebert received hundreds and hundreds of responses related to the Salon story from last August which documents in detail by Jayson Boebert conviction for public indecency after exposing his genitals to young women at a bowling alley in western Colorado in 2004. This was not the first story about this incident, but it remains the most comprehensive and widely circulated account .

By now you’re probably wondering if you haven’t already: what kind of idiot would invite this devastating re-examination of his own record by accusing his opponents of something he himself carries as baggage?

The answer, as we’ve explored a few times, is that Boebert deliberately chooses lines of attack that closely parallel his own scandals as a strategy to confuse his critics. Sexual impropriety is just one particularly grim example of many, including Boebert’s payday loans to his campaign account and protests against the investigation into the January 6 insurrection of which Boebert is more or minus the target.

It’s a strategy that works for a while, as it often has for donald trump, until it’s not.

And on the issue of “grooming” children, it stopped working for Lauren Boebert.


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