Monday, November 28 2022

Popeyes, a popular chicken restaurant chain from the United States, opened its latest store in Chelmsford today, with a fanfare. The shop, famous for its Louisiana chicken, opened in Chelmsford this morning, and a marching band announced the hungry shoppers inside (Saturday June 11).

Founded in 1972 in Louisiana, Popeyes was created with the dream of serving the best fried chicken ever. And now Popeyes has expanded to 2,700 restaurants, with more planned in the future, including another store in Romford.

Part of the Popeyes ethos is the soul – specifically the music. That’s why the marching band played outside the store this morning, cheering people up and cheering the people inside on for some delicious chicken.

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A large crowd gathered around 10am this morning as the group got underway in the hot sun. Many people can be seen enjoying the show while the restaurant is open.

Popeyes also only uses 100% fresh British chicken, marinated for twelve hours in bold and flavorful Cajun seasoning to give it the perfect Popeyes taste.


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