Sunday, December 4 2022


After more than 30 years serving customers with a variety of katsu and other fried delicacies, in addition to teriyaki and yakiniku chicken and beef, Indonesian Japanese fast food chain HokBen is finally launching its own crispy fried chicken.

HokBen Fried Chicken promises a juicy, crunchy chicken with “special Japanese seasonings”. As someone who loves everything that comes from HokBen in general, we tried the new dish today to see if it can compete with established fast food fried chicken connoisseurs in Indonesia.

We ordered the a la carte HokBen Fried Chicken (IDR 43,000), which includes two pieces of chicken, through an online food delivery app. In our case, we went for the chicken breast and wings, and we couldn’t help but think that the bird was probably monstrous when it was alive, as the pieces were quite large.

While we couldn’t identify the Japanese elements in the flavor, we felt that HokBen Fried Chicken is quite salty with a thick batter under the crisp outer layer. However, we were quite impressed that the chicken remained crisp after a while since we received it from our ojol driver.

As seen from online food delivery apps, the prices of HokBen Fried Chicken range from IDR 25,000 for a piece of chicken à la carte, IDR 57,000 for a pack of two pieces of chicken with rice, from salad and iced lemon tea; and IDR 172,000 for the nine-piece à la carte chicken.

1 USD = 14,414 IDR

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