Monday, November 28 2022


KFC is home to some of the most marketed and famous fried chickens. This is perhaps the best way to enjoy an alternative meal this Easter. If this sounds appealing to you, then you are in luck. That’s right, KFC will be open on Easter Sunday 2021!

Locations may vary, but many people will be able to find a local KFC open for at least a limited number of hours this Easter. This means that KFC’s signature compartments are available to everyone. If you fancy the Colonel’s special chicken recipe, you can plan ahead or grab one of their delicious chicken on a whim.

Whether you’re shopping for one or a large family, there are plenty of items to choose from at KFC. Your Easter meal doesn’t have to be ham and mashed potatoes. Instead, you can have chicken and mashed potatoes with little to no effort. Even if you’re not feeling like a mashed potato, there are still some great side options (but no potato wedges).

KFC has plenty of Easter dining options, including its own chicken sandwich

For lovers of fried chicken sandwiches, of course, KFC has its own version. If you go with it, I really recommend the spicy filet version. Nothing beats fried chicken with mayonnaise and pickles between a brioche bun. You can accompany the sandwich with fries or coleslaw for a good individual meal.

It doesn’t matter if you want a bucket of KFC Fried Chicken or want to go with the $ 30 Double Bucket of Chicken and Fillets, your family’s hunger can be easily satisfied on Easter Sunday. Meals in a bucket come with sides and cookies, which is hard to match.

Even if you just want a snack for your day, you can still hit up KFC for Chicken Little sandwiches. You can even get hot Nashville chicken fillets or popcorn chicken to satisfy a mid-afternoon craving. Whatever you want, KFC will be open for you this Easter.



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