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You can treat your christmas blues through treat yourself to comfort food At a reduced price.

In Japan, Christmas is the most romantic time of the year. Of course, Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day as well, but it’s more of a day for first confessions of love (and an excuse to eat chocolate). However, Christmas, especially Christmas Eve, is when couples established in Japan spend the night snuggling up and whispering sweet words to each other, as their passion easily wards off the winter chill.

But what about the people who do not have found a soul mate? They face the prospect of Kuribocchi, or one “Lonely Christmas” (from Kurisumasu, the Japanese pronunciation of “Christmas”, and bocchi, “depressingly alone”). But while the bocchi part of Kuribocchi sounds sad, fast food chain Lottérie seeks to relieve pain with a special Kuribocchi meal set.

Called the Kuribocchiken, Where Lonely Christmas Chicken, Package, the special combo contains arguably the best balm for emotional suffering: lots of fried chicken. That’s not just because it’s an undeniable comfort food, but also because fried chicken has been the standard Christmas Eve dinner in Japan for decades.

The Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack gives you three pieces of japanese fried chicken karaage. These are lightly fried, with a pleasantly mild crunch and a sweet flavor from their soy sauce-based marinade.

You also get a bigger piece of Western Fried Chicken. It has a more pronounced crunch, but the meat is still tender and juicy, and the seasoning here is a blend of Cajun spices.

To complete the set, a soft drink (so you’ll have something to drink besides your tears of loneliness) and a side of fries (because when was the last time someone was sad about having a side of fries?)

Food is served in a bucket that you can hold in the palms of your hands. Yes, you could call it “one size fits all” if you wanted to double the loneliness of the Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack, but we prefer to think of it as “cute size”.

Lotteria is offering a coupon on their website here for the Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack which drops its price to just 500 yen (US $ 4.35). But what is arguably even more thoughtful than the discount is that by showing the coupon on your smartphone, you can order the Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack without having to ask out loud, just in case you feel embarrassed to verbally state that you will be undated on Christmas.


However, there is no real requirement that you spend the holidays alone to order the Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack. Lotteria says that customers who come with friends are also welcome to order it, and each individual customer can order up to three packs, which means you can buy some for your partner or friends if you’re having a platonic party as well. for Christmas. .

The Lonely Christmas Chicken Pack is underway available by December 26, just in case you still face lingering loneliness two days after Christmas Eve. And if you still feel lonely after that, don’t forget that even the guy who spent his Christmas like this …

… In the end, things turned out well for him.

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