Saturday, September 24 2022

Who doesn’t like to cheat on a weekend, right? Everyone is in lazy mode and enjoys tasty food. Looks like the Amazon CEO also had something similar in mind when we caught him digging into fast food last weekend. Billionaire is a diehard foodie and tops the list of people who love exotic foods. However, his recent indulgence is proof that he is a kid at heart.

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The A-list businessman was spotted at a McDonald’s outlet this Sunday and we’re not surprised. What was fascinating was the revelation he made while eating his favorite burgers and fries. Jeff took to his Twitter to tweet a photo of himself busy gorging on a table full of burgers, fries, coke and chicken nuggets ogling to the side. The fact that all the boxes were empty proves that he enjoyed his cheat meal to the core.

The big surprise came when he wrote in the caption: “My first job. And always the same good burger. Happy Sunday!”. The big shot started working when he was 16 and his first job happens to be at McDonald’s. The good part is that he still remembers those days and the taste of the food at the era as he compares her and says they are still doing great.

This isn’t the first time Jeff has shown his foodie side to the world. Earlier last year, we discovered the 58-year-old business tycoon had installed an ice cream machine in his home. Although it might seem like a crazy idea at first, we can only assume that the immense love for food drove him to do it. While all of these humble dishes are sure to put a smile on the businessman’s face, it’s the exotic dishes like a roasted iguana that soothe his palate the most.


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