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bb.q Chicken's Golden Original fried chicken.

bb.q Chicken’s Golden Original fried chicken.

bb.q Chicken – a well-known Korean cuisine restaurant – will open its first Charlotte location in the Arboretum the week of December 6.

Owner Yehweon Nam – who was born and raised in Korea and moved to Charlotte three years ago – is excited to present a taste of Korean fried chicken in the area with bb.q Chicken Arboretum.

The restaurant has a variety with more than 10 sauce and seasoning options for Korean Fried Chicken and Chicken Fingers including Honey Garlic, Hot Spices, Gang Jeong, Soy Garlic, the spicy galbi and the cheesling.

“We are always trying to develop and challenge new flavors and new menus for our customers,” Nam said. “So you can expect some trendy new menus from the Korean market. ”

Accompaniments include sweet potato fries, fried dumplings, corn salad and more. The K-Food menu includes Ddeok-Bokki rice – fish cakes and rice cakes reduced in a sweet and spicy red chili sauce – and kimchi fried rice – chicken stir-fried rice with vegetables and a base of kimchi.

Founded in 1995, bb.q Chicken’s goal has been to provide our customers with premium tasty, healthy and flavorful chicken. The chain expanded to the United States in 2014 and landed on Nation’s Restaurant News list of the 25 fastest growing restaurant chains in America.

bb.q Ddeok-Bokki rice with chicken. Courtesy of bb.q Chicken

What you should know:

  • bb.q means “the best of the best”, not barbecue. Bb.q Chicken’s tasty and healthy recipes are tested at Chicken University.

  • While bb.q Chicken offers original and golden fried chicken, it all depends on the complexity of the flavors your chicken can be added to and the texture. You can expect light, crunchy and tender fried chicken.

  • This is authentic Korean fried chicken. The sauces and recipes come from bb.q Chicken in Korea.

  • You can come in to order, pick up your food, and find a place to sit. Outdoor seating is also available.

“We are very excited to share an authentic Korean fried chicken and be with this community,” Nam said. “The most exciting thing is that we are going to be a part of the unique and diverse cultures of the community. ”

bb.q Arboretum Chicken

Location: 8206 Providence Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Neighborhood: Raintree


Cuisine: Korean Fried Chicken, K-food

Instagram: @bbqchickenus

This story was originally published 2 December 2021 13:58.

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