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A recent survey by the Stacker website seems to suggest that Louisiana loves fast food, but the most common fast food franchise in the state probably isn’t the one you first thought of. The Stacker study used data collected at Georgia Tech University. Which by the way is home to one of my favorite fast food joints, Waffle House, but no, Waffle House isn’t at the top of the list in Louisiana.

Eater via YouTube

Eater via YouTube

If we break down the list of the 15 most common fast food franchises in the state, you’ll find that we love our burgers. There are mainly four hamburger restaurants in the top 15. Chicken restaurants did quite well with three different franchises making the top 15.

Pizzerias also seem to be thriving in Louisiana, there were three pizzerias in the top 15. There were also two franchises that primarily served drinks that were in the top 15 and no, the list did not include drive-thru daiquiri establishments . Oh, and there was a place specializing in tacos, I bet you can tell which one it was, huh?

Taco Bell overtakes Burger King as 4th largest fast food chain in the US

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So let’s look at the list, there are four burgers, three pizzas, three chickens, two drinks and a taco, which is only 14 franchises and none of them are the most common fast food franchise in the world. ‘State.

Have you found where it is?

Let me give you some clues. They advertise their products as “healthy alternatives”. They don’t use the metric system to prepare their food and their former spokesman has lost a lot of weight but is now in jail for being a pervert, at least based on courtroom testimony , you could draw this conclusion.

Subway settles not-quite-a-foot-long sandwich dispute

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You’re right, it’s Subway. According to the latest information, Subway operates some 460 locations in Louisiana. Compare that to 240 McDonald’s locations and 172 Sonic locations. McDonald’s and Sonic round out the top three by the way.

You can see Stacker’s full list here to see how the rest of the list comes together and see if your favorite place made the list, I bet it does. I also assume that they did not include Krispy Krunch Chicken in this study.

I believe they have over 300 KKC locations in the state. This franchise also has over 2,600 locations scattered throughout the country. Just in case you don’t fancy a sandwich.

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