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Australians love to abbreviate almost everything, but you’d think our slang version of that word is pretty obvious – but apparently not.

While we Australians like to shorten almost everything, you’d think our slang version of McDonald’s is pretty obvious to read.

But, apparently not.

Sydney-based TikToker Jeremy Franco put his American comrades to the test – and let’s just say they had no idea what Macca meant.

In his music video, which has been viewed nearly a million times, Jeremy asks his friends what they think “Macca” means.

This is the last response Jeremy called “the strangest” – and we can see why.

Jeremy begins the clip by asking his seven American friends, “If someone from Australia says ‘Let’s go to Macca’, where are you going?

The first was Nick, who thought the word referred to a bar.

“We’re going to go to the bar, we’re going to have beers,” he said.

Caroline was quite confident in her answer, guessing “board game”.

Claire thought it was a “cookie”, while Justin said “it looks like Mac and Cheese”.

Tom thought it was something inappropriate, telling Jeremy, “I don’t think you have the right to say that word (here)”, while Kara was probably the closest, saying “get some chicken nuggets “.

But it was Addison’s response that made Jeremy and his fellow Australians scratch their heads.

“The Macca? It sounds like what gets stuck in your throat when you cough, ”Addison explained, implying it looked like“ mucus ”.

“Like * cough cough * I have a bit of Macca,” he said during a demonstration.

And it didn’t take the Australian long to weigh in on the answers.

“Excuse me ???? Was this guy referring to MUCUS ???” THE AUDACITY, “wrote a very excited Australian.

Others couldn’t understand how they didn’t know what Macca meant.

“I feel like crying right now Macca is Macca,” said another.

“I’m offended because I know what Mickey D’s is,” said one woman, referring to how Americans refer to McDonald’s.

“(So) why don’t they know what Maccas is,” she asked.

“Why has that made me so mad,” a second person commented, while a third joked, “I’m dying, what are their responses? “

However, even though the guesses stunned some Australians – especially the reference to “slime”, it was the way they pronounced Macca that was the topic of conversation.

“They were also all mispronounced,” wrote an Australian TikTok user.

“Why did they say makis,” said another.

“Their pronunciation: macus, mackers, maccus,” wrote a third person, while another Australian added: “Their pronunciation is a hate crime.”

The only thing the Australians agreed on was that “chicken nuggets” was the closest guess.

“I will allow the chicken nuggets,” one person confirmed.

While Australians love abbreviated words, we’re not the only ones who abbreviate McDonald’s.

In Canada, they call the fast food chain “McDick’s”. In Germany it’s “Mekkes”, while the French say “McDo”.

If you are in Hong Kong, it’s “Mak Kee” and it’s “McDona’s” in Mexico.

In Japan, we say “Makku” and perhaps the country that requires the least effort is Romania. They just say “Dude”.

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