Monday, November 28 2022

Earlier this year the government introduced calorie counts on menus as part of a bid to curb obesity in the UK.

Since April 2022, information about the amount of calories in non-prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages must be displayed for customers. People are being encouraged to make “healthier” choices, even at fast-food restaurants.

For some, that may mean opting for a side dish instead of a main dish, so you can still treat yourself. Fast food restaurants also offer a wide range of sauces.

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Interested in knowing which fast food chain has the most unhealthy side dish and dip, has collected the nutritional information on calorie, sugar and fat intake per side dish and dip provided by the UK’s seven largest fast food chains.

With a variety of chicken and dumpling options to choose from, Domino’s is the chain with the highest calorie side dishes with an average calorie per side dish of 531 calories. Domino’s highest calorie side is Chick ‘n’ Mix with 772 calories – the highest of any side dish reviewed.

Pizza Hut, averages 433 calories per side dish – just under 100 calories less than Domino’s, on average. The bacon-laden garlic bread is Pizza Hut’s highest-calorie side, at 580 calories.

McDonald’s ranks as the chain with the lowest average calories for all side dishes considered, averaging just 198 calories per side. The highest calorie side of the chain is Chicken Selects, which has 359 calories.

In addition to having the highest calorie average, Domino’s also has the highest fat content, averaging 23.36 grams of fat per side dish. Chick ‘n’ Mix is ​​the fattiest side of Domino’s with 21.2 grams of fat per 100g, exceeding the NHS’s suggested label as a ‘high fat’ food by nearly 3 grams.

The analysis also revealed that Pizza Hut’s sides are the sweetest, with an average of 5.17 grams of sugar per side dish. Their vegan side Mini Corn on the Cob gives you over 28 grams of sugar, almost reaching an adult’s daily sugar intake (30g) in one go.

When it comes to dips, KFCs contain the most calories, averaging 85 calories per dip. However, when it comes to the single dip with the most calories, Nando’s took first place – its Garlic PERinaise has 176 calories.

Despite relatively low calories, McDonald’s dips have the highest sugar content at 10.24 grams on average, which equals 2.45 teaspoons of sugar each.

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