Monday, November 28 2022

McDonald’s has announced a further change to the checkout process at 800 locations across the UK. This will primarily affect consumers who buy their McDonald’s food with cash.

There were reportedly 1,358 McDonald’s locations in the UK in March this year.

A whopping 800 of them will see a change they believe will affect customers who pay in cash.

Instead of having a counter specifically for ordering food, McDonald’s will provide specific areas for different sales channels.

Cash users will purchase their food through customer experience pods, equipped with a cash register.

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They will also have a large collection window.

The change will be made to 200 stores this year.

It’s part of a £250m Convenience of the Future upgrade scheme.

Three restaurants have already been upgraded in Bow, East London, Peckham, South London and Kirkby, Merseyside.


Ultimately, this should speed up the process between customers ordering and receiving their food.

The fast food giant, which is one of the UK’s biggest employers, has confirmed that the change will not result in any job losses.

And that’s not the only change McDonald’s is about to make.

The giant will take several steps in terms of efficiency and performance.

A separate waiting area and entrance for couriers picking up home orders will be created.

McDonald’s also plans to improve the layout of its parking lots to make it easier to serve drive-thru customers.

Additionally, there will be larger kitchens and separate areas for delivery and restaurant orders.

Gareth Pearson, chief operating officer of McDonald’s UK and Ireland, described the change of pace in the restaurant industry as “relentless”.

This has only been compounded by the effects of the pandemic, which “digital adoption is taking a bigger toll” due to Covid restrictions.

He added that he wanted to provide the best environment for staff so the chain could ensure customers had options when it came to ordering and collecting.


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