Sunday, December 4 2022


McDonald’s has added several new permanent chicken dishes to its menu and KFC is probably feeling a little nervous right now.

While Pizza Hut might be doing the vegan thing, McDonald’s is going in the opposite direction and looking at the meat thing by adding a bunch of chicken options on his menu.

The new Chicken Macca’s line sees the return of McSpicy (an all-time great Macca) and new items that include the Among Burger, Chicken McPieces, Spicy Shaker McPieces and Chicken Salt Shaker Fries.

Fans of spicy food will have fun with the McSpicy while others will take care of the rest of the chicken-loving crowd.

Our resident Brag chicken burger expert has tested the Among Burger and reports that it is identical in size and ingredients to the KFC Zinger Burger. However, they prefer using the Among Burger’s hot sauce over Zinger’s mayo, so it’s a boost for Macca’s.

When it comes to Chicken McPieces, our review states that it is basically the McDonald’s version of KFC Popcorn Chicken, meaning it is pretty good and more of a substitute than adequate if the colonel is too far away for those hungry for a few fast food chicken snacks.

And the salt shaker fries with chicken are, well, exactly as it says on the box – crisps coated with chicken salt. Simple but delicious.

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With summer just around the corner, it seems fitting that we can ring in the Australian sun with an Among burger and salt-coated chicken fries.

As for when you can get your hands on these mouth-watering chicken burgers, they’re available right now as we speak at all McDonald’s restaurants and via McDelivery.

Just to, uh, spice things up for everyone, McDonald’s is launching free small fries and a coke right now with any purchase of McSpicy or Among Burger. It’s as good a deal as you’re going to get.

Now, one has to wonder if Hungry Jack’s will be releasing a bunch of similar looking chicken menu items in the near future.



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