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Forget the Southern Chicken Sandwiches, McDonald’s wants to tempt you with a tastier option. His McDonald’s spicy chicken dishes will require a napkin.

Are you ready to get naughty? McDonald’s spicy chicken menu will join the menu on September 11. As the chicken sandwich war continues to rage, these new chicken menu items definitely have a spicy and sassy kick. Are you taste buds prepared for flavor?

Recently everyone has been talking about chicken. Whether it’s the best Southern-style chicken sandwich or the meatless fried chicken, it seems people have forgotten about the burgers. Somehow everyone’s begging for chicken.

The two new spicy chicken dishes from McDonald’s are the Spicy BBQ Glaze Fillets and the Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich. If the offers sound a little familiar, before Mcdonalds had a limited time offer for a barbecue chicken tenderness. This menu item has been well received.

The Spicy BBQ Glazed Tender takes the Buttermilk Crispy Tender and throws them into the Spicy BBQ frosting. There is a hint of jalapeno which adds spice. It’s not too potent, but it should be pretty tasty.

The Spicy Barbecue Chicken Sandwich takes the crispy buttermilk fillet and adds the spicy barbecue frosting. Served on a sesame seed bun, the chicken is garnished with chopped onions and pickles.

Based on this description, the sandwich should balance gentle heat. The buttermilk offers tangy flavors while the sauce provides just the right amount of spice. There may be a slow burn but nothing too powerful.

Looking at many recent additions to McDonald’s menu, the company shows they are looking to bring big, bold flavors to guests. Just looking at the hugely popular international menu, these flavors are more than just a burger on a bun.

All the components taken as a whole make a mouthful. Simple and shy becomes old school. Today, consumers want flavors that appeal to their taste buds.

Still, this spicy chicken menu is accessible. The flavors aren’t too potent that even spice opponents won’t want to try a bite. Overall, the flavors are meant to keep guests excited and coming back for more.

McDonald’s two new spicy chicken dishes will hit restaurants on September 11. It’s unclear how long they’ll be on the menu, but this is a limited time offer.

What do you think of these new McDonald’s chicken dishes? Will you be standing in line to try them out?



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