Thursday, May 12 2022

Church’s Chicken’s new Tender Snack Wraps look delicious!

Church’s Chicken tested the new portable Tender Snack Wraps in Phoenix, Arizona. They seem to be a great way to get a quick bite for a good price.

Church’s Chicken is looking to continue to find ways to get consumers to watch their way before heading to KFC or Popeye’s. They’ve found a new way to help the person looking for a quick meal on the go.

According to Chewing boom, Church’s Chicken has served new Tender Snack Wraps at select locations in Phoenix, Arizona.

The main feature of Tender Snack Wraps is a tender chicken band. You have the choice between a Church’s original soundtrack or a spicy tender soundtrack. It’s a great way for a consumer to sample tender chicken strips, and for Church’s chicken, it’s a great way for them to reuse an item on their menu they’re already making.

The Tender Snack Wrap has more than just a strip of tender chicken

In addition to your choice of tender chicken strips, the wraps include coleslaw. Coleslaw offers a creamy and tangy bite to the scarf. It could be the perfect addition to the Spicy Tender Strip. Both the strip and coleslaw are wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, making them a good food to eat quickly in the car or if you’re on the run somewhere.

Portable Tender Snack Wraps are currently priced at two for $ 3. It’s a very good deal but still not available in most places. Hopefully this test goes well and we’ll see Tender Snack Wraps in more Church’s Chicken restaurants across the country.

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