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Founded by a team of designers who combine art and experience, the Nature time art design studio offers a diverse range of services, including high-end architectural design, interior design, as well as furniture and décor design. The studio’s expertise is evident in its latest project in Shenzhen, inside an iconic mall in the popular Futian district.
The project concerns the first restaurant in the Original Chicken middle and high-end fast food brand in southern China. The brand, which boasts a nearly 20-year history, is known for its attention to quality ingredients, based on the motto “farm to table“, advocating a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. This business philosophy had a direct influence on the design choices of this first restaurant located on the ground floor of a shopping center which, despite the reputation of the sign, will nevertheless have to face many challenges from the competition to attract customers.
This close connection with nature and the earth thus becomes a strong point in a commercial environment far removed from anything natural.
The design team at Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd. therefore opted for a carefully selected color palette inspired by low saturated earthy colors, applying it to interior surfaces made of natural materials such as clay, wood, stone, cotton. and hemp.
The facade of the restaurant flaunts an inviting earth red color and is adorned with metal grilles and strong transparent glass, while the outdoor seating area and the beautiful green garden adapt to the hot local climate, providing a pleasant lunch break and allowing customers to feel almost as if they were sitting in the countryside. Inside, double circulations have been created, which invisibly separate the self-service area and the catering area. The adobe partitions, on the other hand, offer guests a simple and authentic atmosphere, accentuated by details such as the shoji-style windows or the traditional rice paper sliding elements. The menus, hung on the windows of the restaurant, are written in calligraphy, illustrating the traditional charm of oriental cultures.
The whole project skilfully plays with this idea of coordinated integration between city and farm, red and green, curves and straight lines, simple and sophisticated. Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive synthesis of several factors: old wood with mortise and tenon joints, straw art installations, sophisticated handcrafted details, vibrant electronic displays and interesting Chinese-style artwork complete a spatial narrative. on the cultivation of rice which seeks to bring a new look at Chinese agricultural culture to the city dwellers of the megalopolis.
As a whole, the project for the new Original Chicken restaurant in Shenzhen, open 24 hours a day and offering a range of different services, embraces all the key aspects of contemporary design. From the graphic visualization, to the spatial structures and the creation of scenes, everything aims to create a new experience, in close harmony with the philosophy of the brand and with the desire to restore a more conscious connection with the earth and its products.

Christiane Burklein

Project: Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd.
Location: Futian, Shenzhen, China
Year: 2021
Images: Qin Zhaoliang, original chicken fast food company


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