Monday, November 28 2022


Patty and Bun, one of London’s most popular local burger brands, has found a permanent home for its locked-down chicken delivery brand Sidechick, she announced this week.

Sidechick emerged as an offshoot of the hugely popular city-wide burger chain founded by Joe Grossman in 2012 – spearheaded by restaurant delivery giant Deliveroo last June, iterating on a brand even more popular than the their: Nando’s. Sidechick offers marinated butterfly chicken with piri piri alongside marinated butterfly chicken seasoned with butter, herbs and lemon. Where Nando’s grills, he roasts.

The restaurant, spread over two floors with an open kitchen and an outdoor terrace seating 70 in all, is expected this summer, once restaurants are allowed to reopen after the restrictions are lifted in mid-May. Grossman said the site, which sits next to the original Patty and Bun restaurant on James Street in Marylebone, was “absolutely perfect” for Sidechick’s debut.

“The overwhelmingly positive response to our delivery-only service during the Spring / Summer 2020 lockdown encouraged us to seek a permanent location,” Grossman said. “The hotel industry faces an uncertain future, so we are doing everything possible to create jobs and offer diners new concepts to look forward to in the weeks, months and years to come. “

Chicken has become one of the most successful interlocking (delivery) dishes: familiar, heartwarming, relatively inexpensive, the ability to spruce up what is essentially a blank protein web has seen many restaurants default to the lowest. common denominator of the food economy over the past 12 months. Creating something with mass appeal and likely to sell has taken on new importance with restaurants in survival mode since last spring.

Chicken dishes have spanned the restaurant spectrum since the onset of the coronavirus crisis: Chef Jackson Boxer included roast chicken on Orasay’s opening delivery menu last April; Michelin-starred Shoreditch restaurant Leroy created a new brand of roast chicken restaurant only in May; New York chef Daniel Humm included a puffy fried chicken effort on Davies and Brook’s delivery menu last fall; Snackbar’s Freddie Janssen poked fun at fast food creations like Doritos Fried Chicken Sandwiches; while the poultry crown likely landed on the head of Quality Wines’ Nick Bramham, who launched Arrosto in January this year.

The confirmation that an established London brand has acquired a site in central London is also another indication of the work being done behind the scenes ahead of the reopening next month. Following the announcement of the opening of a branch of its Mexican-inspired El Pastor at an upscale location in Soho this summer, as well as the acquisition by JKS Restaurants of Andina in Shoreditch for Bao , the Taiwanese restaurant group he co-owns, it’s worth watching how the city’s property market will change in the wake of this crisis, or whether London will simply continue to reward and promote what it knows the better. A hypey hamburger brand putting chicken adjacent to Nando right next to his most central restaurant looks like another win for the latter.

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