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Luna and Miles Legend, by the way, take care of their mom’s cravings. No, not Taco Bell, but Mickey ‘D’s. Chrissy, you may remember, survived so many McDonald’s early in her career that she knew how much her orders would cost before the cashier even told her. As she once said to Vanity Fair, “I knew exactly how much it cost with taxes to get a McDouble and fries.” But these days, when Pepper Teigen takes her grandchildren to the Golden Arches, it’s a treat, not a budget choice. “Occasionally [Luna and Miles] have a special day [when] I don’t like to cook and we have a full day of activities, ”Pepper explained exclusively to Mashed. “We’ll stop at McDonald’s and they love to go. [the] Drive-thru [and] get children’s meals with the toy. They love it! I mean, Luna can swallow two burgers! “Respect, Luna, respect.

As for the pepper? “If John {Legend]isn’t home and I don’t cook, I get KFC!” she admitted. “I always get a big bucket … sometimes two because kids love it too! Sometimes it’s easy to cut up tender pieces for children’s meals.” Pepper also uses his leftover fried chicken to make Thai dishes. Take, for example, the Fried Chicken Larb that she showed Giada De Laurentiis how to make – and, in the process, she inspired De Laurentiis to try KFC for the very first time. (Relive the moment here on Instagram.)

Pepper Teigen makes their famous Fried Chicken Larb and other delicious Teigen family classics on a recently aired Food Network special, “Getting Spicy With Pepper Teigen.” If you missed it, you can still stream it on Discovery +.



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