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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans believe a visit to a chicken restaurant in London may have helped inspire the new game.

The theory appears to stem from a tweet posted by Pokemon producer Junichi Masuda in 2019. Shortly before the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield – UK-inspired games – Masuda traveled to London, period during which he told fans he was visiting a branch of Portuguese-inspired restaurant Nando’s. While the chain started life in South Africa and is a mix of Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine, its popularity in Britain has led to 450 locations in the country, where it also spawned the “Cheeky Nando’s” meme.

Fast forward several years, and the trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pretty much points to a region inspired by the European Iberian Peninsula, land that is home to Spain and Portugal. This was skipped by fan account PokePortuga, who noted that during a trip to the country’s Comicon in 2016, Masuda was smitten with the Barcelos rooster legend. Legend has it that a traveling pilgrim was saved from a wrongful death sentence while driving through the town of Barcelos when he begged his jailer’s chicken dinner to get up from his plate as a sign of his innocence. . While the story and design could mean we’ll see a Rooster-inspired Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, it’s worth noting that Masuda would have encountered the Barcelos Rooster a few years later – in Nando’s logo.

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This connection is the start of Twitter user Eclipse’s thread documenting the theory. This thread then suggests that the fonts for the Scarlet and Violet logos match those used by the restaurant chain, although as noted VGCdespite the similarities, the two are not exact matches.

The theory continues, suggesting that Fuecoco, the chili-shaped Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter, is based specifically on the African Bird’s Eye chilies at the heart of Nando’s iconic Peri-Peri sauce, and that the restaurant’s signature drinks are linked to the oranges and grapes that feature prominently in the reveal trailer – and which fans think is a teaser dating back to Sword and Shield.

The timing of Masuda’s journey and his enjoyment of Barcelos’ cock aligns pretty well with when Game Freak might have started working on Scarlet and Violet. That said, the first concepts are likely in the works long before 2019, and even if they weren’t, I’m not sure even the most ardent Nando fan would be able to identify the drink ingredients. After all, everyone knows just grab a glass of water and fill it with Coke while the waiters aren’t looking.

We haven’t seen a rooster yet, but here are all the Pokemon confirmed for Scarlet and Violet.


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