Monday, October 11 2021

Iconic vegan fried chicken restaurant Really Happy Chicken is opening a second location in the city of Bristol.

The brand opened its first location in Brighton last year and became an instant hit, serving vegan chicken burgers worthy of drool, wings and popcorn-style bites.

Menu favorites include the Really Big Burger: a crispy seitan chicken fillet, hash browns, lettuce, homemade bacon, homemade cheese and mayonnaise wrapped in a brioche bun, and the Korean Sticky Wings: four crispy chicken seitan wings dipped in our homemade Korean barbecue sauce, spring onions and black sesame seeds.

Speaking to Bristol Live, 36-year-old founder Owais Amiri commented: “I love Bristol and can’t wait to get started there – we were Brighton’s darling when we opened here and we hope be Bristol’s darling too.

Amiri aims to get the Bristol site up and running “within the next six to eight weeks” and he is convinced his vegan chicken can “smash” the Bristol market.

“A really strong vegan community”

Amiri continued: “I see a lot of similarities between Bristol and Brighton, including the fact that both have a very strong vegan community.

“Given the large number of vegans in Bristol, I think it’s an ecosystem in which all plant-based restaurants can thrive next to each other.

“And ultimately, more vegan options across town will lead to more and more people choosing to go veg, so the more the merrier,” I said.

Really Happy Chicken also offers plant-based versions of mac and cheese, coleslaw, and Caesar salad, along with epic vegan shakes and desserts. So there is something for everyone.

And Amiri doesn’t just stop in Bristol, he aims to open five more restaurants across the UK by the end of the year – cementing Really Happy Chicken as a brand.

We can’t wait to see vegan fried chicken shops become commonplace across the UK, and we wish Amiri the best of luck with her ambitions!

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