Sunday, December 4 2022

The sale of fried chicken pieces is a hot market, and it intensified on Monday night when the Cherry Hill Planning Board gave the green light to a new entrant in the area’s fast food competition.

Raising Cane’s, a Louisiana-based chain of 650 chicken restaurants, has received approval for its site plans to build a 3,878-square-foot store in the Garden State Park mall parking lot facing Route 70.

“I can’t tell you how many people tell me they can’t wait for this to be built,” board member Marlyn Kalitan said as she voted for the restaurant, which had rewritten its plans after objections at the last Planning Board meeting. Monday’s vote was unanimous.

For decades, hungry kids have been able to fill up on chicken nuggets at traditional fast food restaurants that include them on the menu alongside burgers and other fast food. And fast-food vendors of chicken breasts, thighs and wings have long added the chicken pieces to their menus.


Raising Cane’s Restaurant will fill a void in stores facing Route 70. Wegmans is in the background.

But the latest entrants specialize in otherwise unrecognizable, deep-fried pieces of chicken.

Consider the phenomenon Chick-fil-A, which causes a stir followed by long lines when entering a community. Many of them populate the greater Cherry Hill area, including the strip of shops next to the site where Raise the cane intends to build on the land adjacent to the Carhartt store, facing the west lane of Route 70.

This Chick-fil-A will move to the site of the now empty Friendly’s restaurant on Route 70 next to Garden State Park. In December, the company obtained permission from the Planning Board to build a new Chick-fil-A there.

Around the corner on Haddonfield Road and across from Garden State, the PDQ the chicken fillet chain has a store.

Drive in any direction and parents eager to feed their children can find the chains saturating the market in a deployment that almost matches the spread of Wawa and Dunkin stores.

Travel east on Route 70 and another Chick-fil-A appears near the corner of Marlkress Road.

Stay on Route 70 and just as you enter Marlton, and before the McDonald’s restaurant, the Raising Cane chain is planning to add another restaurant. It received permission to do so from the Evesham Zoning Adjustment Board in August.

Julia Doyledirector of public relations for Raising Cane, said that restaurants in the Philadelphia area are currently the most northerly, but “we’re expanding broadly into the northeast later this year/early next year with restaurants in New Jersey, New York and more Again”.

The Garden State Park Raising Cane’s will also have a 1,385 square foot outdoor dining area and walkway.

Raising Cane site at Cherry Hill

Raising Cane site in Marlton


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