Thursday, May 12 2022

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As a Malaysian, the Ramly burger is no stranger to us.

We grew up eating these burgers on paper-wrapped stalls labeled Ramly. Most of the meat used in the hamburger stalls is also from the Ramly brand.

Even if you walk through the frozen food section of supermarkets, their brand is one of the most important in this section. From meat burgers to oblongs, frankfurters to nuggets and seafood to minced meat, they have it all.

But have you noticed that in addition to retail products and roadside stalls, Ramly also has fast food outlets called Ramly Halal Kiosks?

Recently a Twitter user with the username @pedoqpop shared what looked like a delicious fast food meal from none other than Ramly.

Most people recognize their yellow logo with brown and immediately suggest their favorite menu at kiosks.

Some people don’t even know Ramly has fast food restaurants.

Some noticed, but didn’t realize they looked like portions from famous fast food chains. Maybe they would imagine it would look like those burgers you buy from mediocre stalls.

But no, this is another level of fast food kiosks and they’ve been around for a while as well. Maybe we just didn’t notice.

What do Ramly Halal kiosks sell?

Besides various types of burgers, they also serve western menus like lamb chops, fish & chips, grilled chicken, etc.

From beef burgers to fish and shrimp patties, they have all kinds of scrumptious meat burgers.

Their meats aren’t just the ones you get on the burger stalls, they’re much bigger and juicier.

Plus, their fries are big and thick. You will certainly be satisfied with it.

The outer wrapper looks for their burgers (left) and a double beef burger (right).
Credits: @tckulee, @chubbb___ / Twitter

Their famous rice dish is the Nasi Serai dish. You can accompany them with several accompaniments such as beef, roast chicken, grilled chicken, lamb and also sambal sotong.

Look at those oozing cheese wedges! They are definitely worth a try.

An oblong with cheese wedges (left) and roast chicken with Nasi Serai (right).
Credit: @EsmaDannyDawson, @pedoqpop / Twitter

Their lamb chops are to die for, according to some fans.

Would you like to watch these juicy morsels.
Credit: @MuhammadFahmiAbuHassan / Facebook

They also have the snack box with keropok lekor, nuggets, chicken drumsticks and grill fries.

In addition to that, there are different types of cheesecakes to choose from: tiramisu, chocolate, lemon, and blueberry. Who knew they had cakes, eh?

A regular snack box (left) and cheesecakes in a small package (right).
Credit: Noorihan Ann / Facebbok, putehdandelion.blogspot

Where can I find them?

Ramly Burger has several outlets that resemble a market (Ramly Halal Mart) and a restaurant (Ramly Halal Kiosk).

Both types of outlets sell retail products as well as fast food meals.

It just depends on which exit you are in. Some menus are available in some points of sale and others are not.

Ramly Bistro Masjid Saidatina Hamzah, Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur
Credit: @HasmiraHakimi / Twitter
Aeon Big Wangsa Maju Outlet (left) and RnR Gunung Semanggol Outlet (right)

A few of their Ramly Halal Marts can be found in the Klang Valley. Here’s how to find one near you.

Credit: @ramlyhalalkioskmalaysia / Facebook

For more information, you can browse their Facebook page.

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So if you’re bored of those McD and KFC burgers, you can try our local fast food brand like Ramly. Let us know what is your favorite dish on the menu. #sapotlokal

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