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Bojangles was the favorite fast food of Pennsylvanians during the pandemic. Photo:

Recent study shows that Pennsylvanians eat fried chicken more than any other type of fast food during the current pandemic.

According to the latest TOP Data study, while fast food restaurant visits are down 23%, fried chicken has seen only a 6% reduction, outperforming burger and taco chains that have seen a decline. down 15% and pizza chains down to -21%. .

KFC currently ranks as America’s Favorite Fried Chicken Restaurant, becoming number one in 14 states.

Among the various fried chicken restaurants in Pennsylvania, the study shows that Bojangles is number one on the Pennsylvanians list, surrounded by Zaxby’s to the immediate south, Raising Cane’s to the immediate west, and a sea of ​​KFC to the ‘is.

Only two other states had Bojangles as their number one choice – Kentucky and West Virginia.

Top 4 Favorite Chicken Restaurants in Pennsylvania:

3. Popeyes

The list of fried chicken restaurants includes Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, KFC, Church’s Chicken, Bojangles, and Raising Cane’s.

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