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To start 2021, Shake Shack go back with some new menu items which are reminiscent of a popular trend of the recent past.

Not from 2020, thank you Lord, but from 2019, the year of the chicken sandwich.

Released today and available through April 5 at all chain stores across the United States, Shake Shack’s limited-edition Korean-style “Fried Chick’n” menu features a chicken sandwich highlighted with a Gochujang-glazed breast topped with toasted sesame seeds and served crisp on a white kimchi salad made with Kimchi from Choi.

The sandwich, which debuts alongside a side menu that includes Korean-style chicken bites, Gochujang fries, and a vanilla black sugar shake, is a slight variation on a Shake Shack offering. South Korea, which has 14 locations in the country, released in October last year.

Shake Shack is serving Korean-style fried chicken starting January 5.

Christine Han

The Gochujang menu that the company started offering at its South Korean locations in 2020 was actually inspired by a trip the brand’s culinary team took to Seoul in 2015, according to Shake Shack’s culinary director, Mark Rosati.

During this trip, which took place a year before Shake Shack opened its first Seoul location in 2016, Rosati “immediately fell in love” with the Korean fried chicken scene after receiving advice on where to go. have a bite to eat. friends who have premises food blogs.

“When Shake Shack enters a new market, we first explore the local culture and the restaurant scene, from little places off the beaten track and hidden gems to fine dining establishments and everything in between,” Rosati told InsideHook. “The culinary team and I visited so many fried chicken restaurants, from Hyodo chicken in Changdum district to Ungteori in Itaewon district, with the aim of immersing ourselves in the different styles of fried chicken and learning. which makes Seoul such an iconic food city. “

Now, based on how her taste buds were aroused on this trip and the success of the recent Gochujang menu rollout in South Korea, American customers have the chance to taste a chicken sandwich made with a garlic and ginger sauce with deep roots that took a long time to perfect.

“Our Korean-style Fried Chick’n went through about five iterations before we were really happy with it,” Rosati said. “We try to be thoughtful throughout the process, experimenting with different flavors and striving to achieve a balance between all of the elements. Our sauce is made with copious amounts of fresh garlic and ginger mixed with the gochujang frosting which gives a burst of flavor all over and helps cut through the richness of the fried chicken. The sauce was inspired by a similar garlic and ginger sauce from Jung-ong Sweet & Spicy Chicken in Seoul, which dates back to the 1970s. ”

As well as bringing fermented, sticky, spicy, sweet, umami Gochujang icing to the United States, the limited edition menu shows just how well Shake Shack, which had an open location in Dubai before it had double-digit locations. serving burgers in the United States, is for embracing and showcasing international flavors.

“Shake Shack has a vast global presence with many unique menu items that we create for each of these locations, inspired and rooted in their local communities, just like we do here in the United States,” said Rosati. “We will continue to explore the possibility of taking some of these menu items home. While the ShackBurger will always be a staple on our menu, we take customer feedback to heart. We know they’re always on the lookout for new dishes and flavors to try. We’re always looking for ways to surprise Shack fans with fun and interesting dishes that we know they’ll love as much as we do.

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