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Texas, get ready. by Shaquille O’Neal Big chicken The restaurant is expected to open its first franchise in the state by late 2022 or early 2023. Texans will soon be snacking on sandwiches, dunking offerings and sipping shakes at one of Shaq’s new dining establishments. . The NBA Hall of Fame plans to populate the lone star state with about fifty pitches.

But which Texas town will be the first to sink your teeth into this tasty chicken? According a recent article from Eater Houston, the restaurant is set to open its first standalone location in the Westchase neighborhood of Houston. Until now, the only place to find Big Chicken in Texas was in the lobby of Moody Center in Austin.

Photo: Google Maps/Canva

Photo: Google Maps/Canva

It looks like Big Chicken is targeting metropolitan cities across the country, with plans to launch around 150 new locations in total. You will soon see these restaurants popping up in states like California, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Utah, and Tennessee. Besides Houston, other Texas cities hosting Big Chicken will include Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

Photo: Big Chicken/Facebook

Photo: Big Chicken/Facebook

I’ll tell you this, from what I’ve seen the menu looks delicious. You’ll find some of Shaq’s childhood favorites in the lineup, like Cheez-It-encrusted Lucille’s Mac and Cheese. I heard from a few buddies that the first sandwich to try is called “Shaq Attack”, a chicken sandwich topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno slaw and spicy chipotle barbecue sauce. It’s my kind of sandwich.

As fast as this restaurant chain grows, maybe one day soon we’ll see it pop up in Abilene. Until then, you’ll have to make the short drive to Dallas or Austin to enjoy Shaq’s Big Chicken.

It’s true – Texans are serious about their food. Take a look below for the food and drink that defines Texas.

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