Thursday, August 4 2022

Atlanta’s favorite fast food stop, Slutty Vegan, is looking to compete with Chick-fil-a and Popeye’s with an all-plant-based pop-up chicken menu. The vegan restaurant chain is teaming up with Incogmeato – a subsidiary of MorningStar Farms – to launch a limited-time vegan fried chicken menu. Celebrity restaurateur and founder of Slutty Vegan, Pinky Cole, plans to host this special menu on May 19, featuring a full range of plant-based chicken options for a single day at the Old Fourth Ward location.

The special menu offers three exciting variations of classic fried chicken dishes, including an Incogmeato Side Chik tender basket, an Incogmeato Mutha Clucker Chik’n Tender sandwich and an Incogmeato Chik’n Tender Tac-Heaux. Slutty Vegan’s mission is to encourage people to try Incogmeato’s substitute, which claims to taste and rip apart conventional fried chicken.

“I know vegans and meat eaters will definitely love it whether they’re vegans or not,” Cole told Paltrocast. “If you just want to make chicken fillets at home, if you want to make a sandwich, if you want to make a sandwich, if you want to make a taco, you can do that, without feeling like you’re eating meat. or feel like you’re eating something vegan that doesn’t taste good, so I’m excited about the partnership I’m doing.
Vegetarian giant Morning Star Farms launched its Incogmeat line in 2020, revamping the company’s plant-based chicken offerings. The company has moved away from animal products in recent years, previously criticized for using egg whites in some of its chicken alternatives. Last month, the company launched a new Chik’n Tenders in Original and Sweet BBQ flavors, which can be found at HEB, Wegman, Southeastern Grocers, Walmart and Kroger nationwide.

Cole has partnered with plant-based companies in the past to promote vegan cuisine. His restaurant’s signature burgers are made with Impossible Foods patties. The recipe combines the classic Impossible Burger with Cole’s Slut sauce, as well as several toppings including vegan cheese for a traditional cheeseburger experience.

During the pandemic, Cole and his restaurant partnered with Impossible Foods to donate thousands of meatless burgers to essential workers in Atlanta to compensate for the food insecurity of essential workers who had to continue working throughout the pandemic. COVID-19. Cole’s philanthropy spans Atlanta, from helping essential workers to providing college scholarships to Atlanta youth.


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