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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Chicken wings and fillets are a staple for many families and a popular item in restaurants. Supply chain issues are impacting the poultry industry and Hot Cluckers are noticing the changes.

Manager Ponch Garcia said last year chicken wings were a problem and their price had doubled. In recent months, tenders have increased by 30%.

Garcia said it was a domino effect starting with farmers, then chicken processing plants, and then down to the consumer. With reasons like staff shortages and the pandemic.

Hot Cluckers moved to a new location just two months ago and said the menu has grown and some prices have increased slightly.

“People notice and people totally agree,” Garcia said. “We try to offer the fairest price possible. People go to the grocery store and they see it when they are shopping. Everyone who has been to the grocery store has noticed an increase in the past 18 months. The price keeps going up. “

Garcia said this can be a downside. Hot Cluckers receives their fresh chicken fillets before they prepare them. Recently their suppliers delivered frozen offerings and it took a few days for the poultry to thaw. They also had delivery delays.

“Everyone designs their menu to a certain specification and sometimes you don’t get the right product or the right size,” Garcia said. “It can still be a tender, but let’s say we use a three-ounce tender. Then a week a two-ounce tender. We haven’t had a big problem with that, but who’s to say we won’t have any in the future.

Garcia said some companies have made the switch from paper to digital menus due to the frequency with which prices and menus change.

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