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CHICAGO, July 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Technomic Released In-Depth Analysis of Chicken Menus Category Uncovering Global Foodservice Sales, Category Impact of COVID-19, Consumer Consumption Information and Preferences, Trends menus and the main global and local channels, with the Global Chicken Menu Categories Report 2021. This report is a deliverable of the Global Foodservice Navigator program, which offers the tools and guidance to stay ahead of consumer, menu and operator trends in 25 countries.

“Chicken chains have been resilient amid the pandemic and the menu category remains ready for future growth,” explains Aaron Jourden, senior research director of global at Technomic. “With the increasing competition between chicken chains and cross-competitors looking to expand into this category, it is crucial for operators and suppliers to know which chains are the best performing and which are growing. the fastest, what are consumer preferences in global markets, what menu trends are emerging. and what strategies the chains are adopting in response to the pandemic. “

Main conclusions:

  • 84% of consumers worldwide order chicken from a restaurant or catering establishment at least once a month
  • 39% of consumers prefer their grilled chicken, to preparations such as fries and roasts
  • Thailand represents KFC’s number one market in terms of footfall, closely followed by Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Spicy chicken varieties are common among limited time offers, with Nashville hot, korean and mala among the most influential flavors
  • United States and South Korea are the world’s largest exporters of chicken chains

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