Saturday, July 2 2022

The pandemic and the challenges that come with it have left most of us stressed or demotivated. But if you thought you were on your own, a post from Texas-based fast food chain Chicken Express will prove otherwise. The message, typed and printed on modest paper, was stuck on one of the posts adjoining the restaurant. The message read: “We are understaffed. Please be patient with the staff who have shown up. No one wants to work anymore.” They took the words out of our mouths, didn’t they?

An image of the post was shared on Reddit with the caption “Chicken Express somewhere in Texas”.

The bluntly honest post sparked conversations about the challenges facing the service industry in light of the pandemic. In response to the post, one user noted, “I’ve noticed a LOT of signs of hiring appearing everywhere lately.”

Many shared their own experiences of working in the service industry during these turbulent times. “The little restaurant I work in only has two servers. We work all day a few times a week and are often alone as a team and there are a lot of people there. We are already closed on Sundays but close the Tuesday because well lately, just so our servers can take a break. It can be very stressful, and I always appreciate that customers are patient and understanding, “one comment read.

While many users have reported that restaurants do not pay their staff enough, some owners and managers have put forward their end of the story.

A user named CaptainBuzzi said: “I am a hotel manager and I would like to have some interest in what we are allowed to pay. The owners are so confused why people are not coming to the interviews and If your potential employee is currently making more money sitting on his ass at home, why would he take a pay cut to come and face what we ask him ?! “

Some have said that maybe the only way to pay employees is to increase food prices. “Otherwise, there is no incentive for small business owners to open locations because they won’t see a return for decades,” said another user.


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