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NEWINGTON – There’s a new chick in town.

The very popular Craftbird Food Truck has added a traditional restaurant to its lineup.

Craftbird Sandos and Tenders officially opened at 1044 Main Street, where Wings Over Newington once stood.

“We thought we could do very well in Newington,” Craftbird founder Eric Stagl told the Herald on Tuesday. “We have certainly been very busy so far. We haven’t opened for weekday lunch yet, but it’s in progress. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to do that.

So what sets Craftbird chicken sandwiches apart from the rest?

“We’re not a hot Nashville chicken, which a lot of concept sandwich restaurants are these days,” Stagl said. “We use a chicken thigh for our sandwich instead of a breast and we have a unique marinade and seasoned flour.”

Craftbird sandwiches are known as “Sandos” and can be made gluten free. The restaurant uses a separate deep fryer for its gluten-free chicken, and its rice flour buns are stored separately. Six sandwich options include the Hot-Bird, dressed in hot sauce, shredded ranch lettuce, and the BBQ Bird, with American cheese, caramelized and fried onions, BBQ sauce and aioli. BBQ. There are also tenders and wings. Extras include a street corn salad, truffle mac and cheese bites, crispy Brussels sprouts and hand-cut potato wedges.

The first Craftbird food truck hit the road in 2016 and a second truck was added in 2019. The trucks are still there and location updates are regularly posted on the Craftbird Facebook pages.

Prior to entering the chicken business, Stagl was the Executive Chef of Barcelona West Hartford. He also worked for the Max Restaurant group.

Asked about The Rooster Company, an American restaurant a few doors down, Stagl said he knew the owners of the restaurant circuit and did not view his neighbor as a competitor.

“The only thing that’s similar is that we both serve chicken,” he said. “They are very different. We are a casual quick service restaurant and they sit and dine on site.

Special on weekends this fall are the Craftbird football boxes. One box contains enough food for five people, including 30 wings or 15 fillets, 15 bites of truffle mac and 1 pint of Buffalo chicken dip with fries.

To take away, to order in advance or on site, there are a few tables. Delivery is available on the GrubHub app or on the Craftbird website through DoorDash.

Hours are Tuesday through Friday. 4 pm-9pm Sat-Sun 11.30am-9pm

Erica Drzewiecki can be contacted at [email protected]

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