Saturday, October 1 2022

CHICAGO Chicken City launched its first-ever food truck in Malaysia earlier this month at Tunas Manja Group (TMG) Mart Sri Gombak in Taman Industri Bolton, Selangor.

Its general manager, Lim Teck Huat, said there is a strong demand for take-out food, which makes food trucks very popular.

“They are also very practical for parties and festivals.

“Chicago Chicken is committed to providing Malaysians with better options – healthy fried chicken with greater value, inspired by the original flavors of the city of Chicago.”

Lim also said the launch of its first food truck was a big milestone for the company.

“Every piece of chicken is marinated and breaded fresh at every outlet, including our food truck.”

TMG Executive Director Datuk YC Chin said they are already considering other locations for new outlets.

“We have about 60 TMG stores and partnerships with Chicago Chicken.

“The food truck will be in different parts of Klang Valley for a few weeks but for now it will stay at TMG Mart Sri Gombak.”

Lim added that hygiene and safety practices would be ensured.

“We are in the process of bringing Chicago Chicken City to a few malls in the Klang Valley and Penang, as well as a drive-thru in Johor and hopefully our own independent store in the future.” — By JAYNE LOO


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