Monday, November 28 2022

According to a study by Resume, workers employed at Popeyes stay for an average of 0.8 years, which is the shortest period reported in the data. No other catering establishments appeared on the lists of businesses with particularly low or high turnover rates.

So why is the popular fried chicken chain experiencing such high turnover? The truth about working at Popeyes, according to a Glassdoor employee, is that “management turnover is high because they are treated poorly and paid low pay.” Another former worker echoed that sentiment, saying there’s “a lot of staff turnover due to the low pay of hourly team members.” Therefore, the rate of employees constantly leaving creates a high-stress environment for remaining workers, according to another employee.

According to Triple Pundit, the chicken sandwich trend of 2019 has created a “brutal” work experience for employees who peel them. On August 27 of that year, Popeye tweeted: “You all. We love that you love The Sandwich. Sadly we’re sold out (for now).” It even became dangerous when a man allegedly pointed a gun at a worker when the sandwich was unavailable in a Houston store. A Glassdoor reviewer’s advice to management? “Treat your employees better and give raises.”


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