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Willie Mae Seaton arrives in Venice at the end of the summer

Venerable New Orleans icon Willie Mae Seaton arrives in Los Angeles with what is considered by some to be the best fried chicken in the United States, as reported Eater Los Angeles. Their hotel group will open a full restaurant in Venice this summer at 324 Lincoln Boulevard and plans to expand to the West Coast in the long term. Willie Mae’s Scotch House is an integral part of the culinary scene and history of Louisiana and New Orleans in particular. Seaton’s group has already tested the waters in Los Angeles by teaming up with HiHo Cheeseburger founders Jerry Greenberg, also of Sugarfish, and Lowel Sharron to make a fried chicken sandwich here in Los Angeles.

It’ll be late summer when the restaurant opens, and it won’t be a pop-up or a franchise, but everything you’d expect from one of their New Orleans locations: fried chicken, okra, kidney beans and all the traditional Louisiana dishes. Willie Mae’s new venture will be in the same category as restaurants such as Dinah’s and Roscoe’s, but since almost everyone loves fried chicken, no one in Los Angeles is likely to complain that there are too many good options.

Kerry Seaton-Stewart, Willie Mae’s great-granddaughter and current owner of Wille Mae’s Scotch House in Louisiana, will run this new Los Angeles branch with partner Mike Stewart. They will relocate to Los Angeles for most of the year and work in Los Angeles and New Orleans to keep both locations running. There’s no estimated opening date yet, but restaurant reps say, according to Eater Los Angeles, the restaurant will be open by the end of the summer season.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House was founded in 1957 as a bar and later moved to New Orleans’ 6th Ward and became the restaurant New Orleans knows today. The restaurant has been through a lot, it has been through Hurricane Katrina, the death of founder Willie Mae Seaton and the eventual gentrification of the city. Willie Mae’s Scotch House won the James Beard Award as America’s Classic Restaurant for the Southern Region and now that classic Southern style is coming to Southern California soon.


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