Friday, May 20 2022

Nationwide restaurant reports have made it clear: The places that have been most successful during the COVID-19 pandemic are those that were able to provide drive-thru. Chick-fil-A has been an all-star fast food chain when it comes to its drive-thru business, and now the beloved Chicken Place takes that commitment one step further.

Chick-fil-A is deploying a fleet of food trucks to bring its most popular menu items to more communities, according to a local news station in Wane, Indiana. Some franchise operators with Chick-fil-A locations in mall food courts – which have been particularly affected – park the new food trucks outside to allow customers to “eat more chikin” without go inside.

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A spokesperson for the company told Indiana Washington Times Herald that the Chick-fil-A mobile service is also an adventurous way for the company to test new markets and take the temperature of potential customers in areas where Chick-fil-A locations do not already exist. The trucks have toured over 30 towns in Indiana and Kentucky … and with rain and cold hovering over the Midwest this week, it looks like the crowds aren’t too chickens to wait on a gray day. .

In fact, earlier this week, customers in Washington, Indiana lined up at one of the food trucks for over an hour and said their Chick-fil-A lunch was worth it. ‘wait, according to the Time Herald.

If you’re in Indiana and Kentucky, there are a few things you should know before you run to hunt for the nearest Chick-fil-A food truck. The mobile service menu is limited to the most popular items, including regular and spicy chicken sandwiches, nuggets, waffle fries and signature sauces. But, there is one Chick-fil-A sauce that you might want to think twice before ordering, because it tops our list of the worst fast food sauces.


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