Thursday, May 12 2022

Sometimes when you eat at a fast food restaurant you just want to get what you pay for. Whether that means sharing a box of 10 nuggets with a friend instead of ordering two meals or splitting a big soda into two cups when you get home, there are plenty of ways to save money at restaurant chains. fast. But the easiest way is to find a place that gives you a lot of food in the first place. (For more fast food news, don’t miss these 7 New Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone’s Talking About.)

Luckily for fry lovers, there is a restaurant known for the amount of fries it offers to customers. Five Guys are known for handing out incredibly generous portions of their fries, which are cooked in peanut oil and salted to perfection. For the record, several Eat This, Not That! staff saw Five Guys employees place a mug full of fries in a paper bag, only to fill the bag with more potatoes. A Five Guys employee once gave me what was probably three times the normal serving size because she wanted to make a new batch and get rid of the old ones.

While a small order of fries from chains like Wendy’s or McDonald’s is likely to result in a small bag of wimpy fries, Five Guys will never let you down. His reputation for generosity in French fries is also well documented on social media. “Five guys is a good burger and even small fries sometimes end up with a full bag”, a fan tweeted about the channel. “Five Guys fries are the best fast food fries you can get. Perfect amount of salinity and the clerks just fill your bag with them,” another said. tweeted. And there are a lot more tweets where these are coming from.

If you don’t need a large menu, Five Guys is one of the best fast food chains you can visit. In addition to their huge portions of fries, Five Guys won our cheeseburger taste test. Five Guys doesn’t have a lot of fancy, limited-time menu options, but their proven offerings are hard to beat.

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