Friday, October 22 2021

According to the Evening Standard, the current shortages are blamed on the UK’s so-called ‘pingemia’, which refers to the alerts people receive through the NHS app telling them that they have been in contact with someone. tested positive for COVID-19. People who receive this alert are then forced to self-isolate to avoid spreading the virus – at least until they receive a negative COVID test if they are vaccinated or two negative tests for the unvaccinated. These self-isolations caused disruption throughout the supply chain as workers in the industry were unable to report to work, resulting in understaffing, delays and shortages.

“The UK food industry has seen disruption in its supply chain in recent weeks due to staff shortages, and a number of our restaurants have been affected,” a spokesperson for Nando said of the closures recent. “However, we can confirm that starting today, Nando’s will loan out seventy members of our brilliant team to support our major suppliers – working in partnership to help make things happen again. that this will have a positive impact on the affected restaurants very soon, so please indulge us as we do all we can to put our famous PERi-PERi chicken back where it belongs – on your plate! “

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