Thursday, May 12 2022

American fast-food chain Church’s Texas Chicken is expanding in Ontario, with six franchises in Hamilton targeted for 2022.

The business, known as Church’s Chicken in the United States, has grown in Canada from a single restaurant in Toronto in 2017 to 46 franchises nationwide, but none in the Hamilton area.

The first of Hamilton’s new restaurants is expected to open as early as April, said Russ Sumrall, senior vice president of international strategic development at Church’s.

Sumrall, who spoke to The Spectator from the restaurant chain‘s new international location in Doha, Qatar, said the company’s confidence in Hamilton was based on the success of its Ontario franchises.

Canada wasn’t on the fried chicken business’s radar just a few years ago, but now, he said, it’s a fast-growing area.

Sumrall was thrilled with the “pent-up desire” for Church’s new franchise locations, hampered only by the company’s lengthy franchisee and location selection process, as well as “pandemic-related supply chain issues.” “.

By the end of 2022, the company plans to have Hamilton franchises in up to six areas: Downtown at Jackson Square; Center on Barton; Centennial Parkway to QEW; Centennial Parkway and Mud Street East; Upper Ottawa and Rymal Street; and in the King and Kenilworth area. Four of them are already approved.

The company, which started in San Antonio, Texas, in 1952, has more than 1,700 restaurants in 27 countries since it opened in Qatar on Friday.


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