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6:10 PM December 4, 2021

A Crouch End fast food store opened its second store just four months after launching, with plans already underway for two more London locations.

Ready Burger, which opened its pilot store in May, is a quick service restaurant (QSR) that just happens to be plant-based.

He aims to revolutionize the fast food industry by making plant-based burgers so meat-like and cheap that customers can’t tell the difference.

Founded by Highgate School alumnus Max Miller and chef Adam Clark, Ready Burger prides itself on fast service and low prices.

The Ham and Top went to the Park Road store to try it for ourselves, and everything from the Ready Burger to Chicken Challenger was incredibly meaty.

The restaurant served perfectly crispy fries and a range of house sauces to accompany the extraordinary chicken crisps.

Ready Burger’s The Big Ready Meal costs less than £ 4
– Credit: Hove & Co Photography

Max explained, “I traveled the country to find the best plant-based food.

“When Adam and I started working together, we realized that it was price parity that had not been taken into account in the market.

“The barriers to entry for vegan foods were just too high and that wasn’t going to help the conversion of the masses to start a vegetarian or plant-based diet. “

Adam, who previously owned a vegan restaurant in Sheffield, added: “We want to tackle the affordability, accessibility and inclusiveness of plant-based foods.

“We’re here to challenge QSRs, so we need to make sure that our speed of service and our business model can deliver the experience customers expect. “

The duo have spent months perfecting the textures and tastes of their offering, driven by the determination to make their products indistinguishable from those traditionally associated with fast food.

Six weeks ago, Ready Burger opened its second store on Finchley Road, across from the O2 Center.

“As a small start-up, we sold something like 150,000 products in less than six months,” said Max.

“Most of the people who come here are meat eaters, and we like when people say ‘I feel like I’ve been cheated’ – that’s kind of the point.”

Haringey Ready Burger fast food is 100% vegetable

Haringey Ready Burger fast food is 100% vegetable
– Credit: Hove & Co Photography

The two founders have a mostly plant-based lifestyle, except when trying burgers at rival chains.

Max said: “For scientific purposes, we occasionally test meat products in the market to compare our own products and make sure we are making the right choices.

“Give us five years in this space and we see a real opportunity to dominate the market. ”



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