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You only have one chance to be promoted to Marine NCO, so it makes sense that you want this to be a bit of a special occasion. And you might want a special place for that special occasion, like a fried chicken restaurant.

This is apparently what a member of Combat Logistics Battalion 13 at Camp Pendleton, Calif. decided for his promotion to sergeant on November 1:

With an entire platoon standing at attention behind him in the Raising Cane’s fried chicken restaurant on base, this Marine has sworn to “perform the duties and responsibilities of a sergeant.”

The camera pans behind the counter, where an employee watches casually while the others are presumably busy at work frying chicken – many of which would be needed if the whole platoon is staying for lunch.

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Getting promoted inside a Raising Cane isn’t exactly the same as, say, that Navy sniper being promoted to the sergeant as he stood chest-deep in the cold, fetid swamp water. But, again, it’s a logistics battalion.

As austere as the conditions are, the American servicemen have always been known to get creative with their promotion and re-enlistment ceremonies. As dress as Star Wars characters, which seems to cover all ranks, including general officers in the Space Force. Or to a GameStopwhich likely prompted a lot of head shaking.

This propensity for the theater has sometimes put the military in difficulty. In 2018, a Staff Sgt. in the Tennessee Air National Guard took the oath of reenlistment with a tyrannosaurus rex hand puppet speaking the words. This little waterfall apparently went “against our entire foundation”, according to the Commander of the Air National Guard, and ended with the immediate retirement of the Colonel who took the oath with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, the non-commissioned officer who took the oath being removed from full-time duty and the noncommissioned officer who filmed the whole thing being stripped of his position as first sergeant and receiving an official reprimand. Talk about overreacting.

Luckily, no hand puppets were present for this promotion ceremony, and only one person can be seen entering the restaurant during the ceremony, so hopefully it wasn’t during the lunch rush. So we salute the Marine who picked arguably the best fast food fried chicken spot in the country for his promotion — and if everyone in that lineup tried to place an order afterwards, we also salute the employees of the restaurant.

What’s the best place you’ve seen someone get promoted? Let us know in the comments below, on social media or by email [email protected].

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