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The queen of spices is worthy of this title. Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit tickle your taste buds. From morning to night, the quick-service restaurant proves that its menu of spicy dishes is definitely made for cravings.

While many people have fallen in love with hot, crispy fries and the iconic Frosty is always on hand, Wendy’s is a quick-service restaurant that has never shied away from its unique point of view. Always leaning on its concept of “Fast Food Done Right”, Wendy’s thoughtfulness in every menu item and menu launch is clear. While the journey from a customer’s order to their bag can be quick, there are no shortcuts on the plate.

Over the past few years, the expansion of the Made to Crave menu has been well received. From all-day pub-style menus to innovative classic dishes, the culinary team at Wendy’s has found a way to surprise and delight consumers without losing its identity. Flavor volume could be more pronounced, but the core values ​​haven’t been diminished.

Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken menu additions ignite chicken wars

With the two new Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken menu items, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and the Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich, the restaurant brand has found a way to capture this sweet and savory food trend, but in its own way. Although many people have drizzled hot honey on almost every food, this particular flavor does not shy away from the spice but does not burn the palate.

On a recent media call, Wendy’s Vice President of Culinary Innovation John Li explained how this hot honey took a long time to perfect. The key to its irresistible flavor is balance. Instead of “blowing your palate,” the nuance of the habanero peppers with the honey makes this sauce the perfect fillet for Wendy’s Chicken.

Similar to all items on the Made To Crave menu, these two new offerings offer a sense of taste adventure. Even though the name connotes heat, Li puts these menu items at a 7/10 spice level, which is lower than Ghost Pepper Ranch on “Wendy’s heat scale.” The balance between sweet and spiciness is key to ensuring this offering is all about flavor, not just about fire.

As for the breakfast option, the Hot Honey Chicken Cookie Breakfast Sandwich relies on the fan-favorite chicken cookie served with honey butter. The combination of this flaky cookie with the crispy chicken always satisfies.

Now with the hot drizzle of honey, the spiciness is definitely a morning to cheer me up. Forget the caffeine buzz, the boldness of the flavor will put some pep in your step. And, if the hot tag comes with a little trepidation, just grab a Frosty-ccino to enjoy. But be sure to take a few extra napkins as this sandwich can get a little sticky.

Is there any other treat associated with the Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich menu?

As part of the Made to Crave menu, Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich is a bold choice, worthy of a gastropub menu. In addition to this warm honey drizzle, the chicken comes with pepper jack cheese and pickle chips.

While adding pickles might seem like a nod to a Southern-style chicken sandwich, these fried and pickled cucumbers might just be the little treasure everyone needs to check out. In addition to adding both texture and flavor balance to the sandwich, Wendy’s may have discovered a huge new offering.

Pickles, including fried pickles, have been a big food trend and are often an irresistible flavor. Most fast food restaurants don’t have a fried pickle or pickle chip option. This ingredient in the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich could be a game-changer not only for the new menu offering, but for other dishes as well. Although not sold as a side dish, these pickle chips can be added to any menu item.

The new Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken menu will be available starting February 8, 2022. The Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit breakfast sandwich is $3.19 and the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich is $5.99. Additional promotional offers will accompany the launch.


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